Generator Transfer Switch

What is a generator transfer switch?

Basically, a generator transfer switch or an automatic transfer switch (ATS) is what allows the transfer of power generation when there is a power outage. It is usually installed beside the main electrical panel and connected to the circuits that you’ll need to keep running during an outage. There are many advantages to installing a generator transfer switch. For one, it will save the homeowner from having all these individual power cords running from the backup generator to an appliance. In a blackout situation, you want to restore power quickly and safely. Starting up your generator and running one power cord from it to your switch panel will ensure an easy transfer of power. For the 3 or 4 hours it might take to install, you’ll have years of worry-free assurance that you won’t be left in the dark.

There are a variety of switches, from single-load transfer panels for generators that are used specifically for one building, like a barn or garage. Manual systems are not the only option. Large institutions, like hospitals, for example, will want an automatic transfer switch (ATS). These are structured to have the power automatically transferred over in outages. To work on such a system takes a certain expertise, as many of them can’t be powered down for maintenance or inspection. These sophisticated systems are equipped with bypass isolation switches, so power is constant. With our many years of experience, we can help you decide which transfer system and generator is best for your installation- large or small. We’ll customize to suit your installation and provide you with emergency generator service.

Electric generator transfer switch experts

At All Power Generators we’ll combine an electric generator transfer switch to a superior generator that will guarantee you a complete power insurance package. What’s more, after that, we won’t just walk away and risk leaving you in the dark. Our generator repair and maintenance service contracts are extensive, reliable and our expert technicians are available 24 hours a day and any day of the week.

It’s the job of an electric generator transfer switch system to monitor power. When it is interrupted, it will start up a generator until the utility power is returned. It is also designed to stop power immediately so no power source is ever over-loaded. It’s a synchronized system that is designed for convenience and safe operation.

Worry free generator repair

We are round-the-clock emergency service providers. Our focus is on large industrial-sized installations that you usually find in hospitals, hotels, water treatment plants and emergency services (fire and police). Whatever brand, size or model of generator or accessories you might have onsite, we can fix it. We even provide refurbished generators at reasonable prices. Preventive maintenance is paramount when it comes to emergency equipment. Simply put: It has to work when you need it.

We understand that it is in everyone’s best interest to be able to detect possible problems and repair them before they become time and money consuming major repairs. Our preventive maintenance agreement was created to give our valued customers peace of mind. Not only can you trust our expertise for any new installation, our record for generator repair help is second to none. We offer a generator repair and maintenance program that is designed to provide our customers peace of mind and quality service. You can relax, knowing that your business, office or home has generator repair help that comes from qualified technicians.

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