One of the questions we often get is: What is the difference between standby power and portable power? To answer that question, you’d have to look at how often your area has been without power. Recently, due to climate changes, many homeowners have found themselves caught in long power outages. Without a standby source of energy many people had no choice but to “ride it out.” Most people are not usually willing to ride it out a second time, so they look into standby power.

A standby power system is a permanent generator that is installed on your premises. You could compare it to an air conditioner unit, with the difference being that air conditioners are run with electric motors. Electric motors won’t help you in a power outage, though! So, a standby system runs on an engine that can use gas or propane.

With a portable unit, you need to connect power cords and move the generator to the area it is needed. With a standby unit, the automatic transfer switch has already sensed the power disruption and started up your backup power source.

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