Maintenance and service are the corner-stones to a reliable and responsive stand-by emergency generator system. Call or email our sales department about an annual maintenance contract in order to insure your home, business or organization. Stay protected around the clock, all day, everyday. Our regular Preventive Maintenance Plan is a program of over 52-points of inspection which are performed by highly trained technicians. This program is designed to provide security and minimize the likelihood of a failure or malfunction. After each inspection, we will provide the client with a fully detailed written report about his/her equipment. Early detection helps identify small problems before they become major repair costs.

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Load Banks are devices designed to provide electrical loads for testing power sources such as generators. Load Banks are an essential part of a preventive maintenance program. Load Banks provide a practical means to test the system without interruption to the critical loads. Engines that are lightly loaded, or allowed to idle for long periods, never reach their recommended operating temperature. Over time, unburned fuel coats the combustion chamber, reducing engine rating, efficiency, and life span. A preventive maintenance plan that includes load testing of your generator system, will increase engine life.

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A Rusting and leaking enclosure is not only messy but dangerous to your generator. Water or unwanted critters getting into the wrong place at the wrong time can lead your generator to malfunction when you need it most and leave you with an unnecessary repair bill. Whether it is mother-nature, old age, carelessness, or accidental, let our expert team of painters and body repair technicians make your old trailer and enclosure new again and prolong the life of your generator set.

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We bring the fuel to your doorstep fast, easy, and when you need it most. Our fleet of towed refueling trailers are always available for all of your emergency or service needs.

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Years of dirt, grime, and seeping fluids on your engine can lead to proper leak detection becoming a nearly impossible task. This can lead to a frustrating and also dangerous situation with your Generator. Another very important aspect in engine maintenance is frequent Radiator cleaning, which in the long run can save you trouble and damage caused by engine over-heating and down-time.

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From small to large industrial or commercial Generator Sets we offer installation of custom modified equipment to fit your specifications. Everything from exhaust conduits, above and below ground fuel storage tanks, licensed electrical installations, automatic transfer switches, anything you think you need, we can do it.

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Very few if any generator companies can offer complete overhauls on all brands of generators from the top down by licensed, certified, and highly trained mechanics and technicians. Every part of these engines are inspected and serviced, all electrical systems are rewired and tested. Newer electronic control boards and accessories can be added upon customer request. After completion these Generators are placed through a thorough load bank to test maximum load and performance. Finally a Preventive Maintenance and Leak Inspection are performed on the unit before it is allowed to leave our shop. These test results are always available to the client upon request.

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