Standby Generators

Industrial Standby Generators

Our main focus is providing industrial standby generators to businesses, including government, industrial and commercial establishments. Hospitals and water treatment plants use larger diesel standby generators and other types of industrial standby generators. We will even customize generator equipment for unique installations.

Diesel Standby Generators

When it comes to durability, diesel standby generators can handle the heavier loads. In this case, the larger the generator, the better it is usually equipped to deal with a demanding power load. Diesel run systems are well-known for being reliable. Large computer network systems that can’t afford to fail when power is cut will often opt for a diesel generator system.

Of course these installations will need a transfer switch. Our qualified electricians will be able to help with that. Along with transfer switches, other things to consider for your diesel generator installation are shutdown systems. A shutdown system will protect your generator. There are high temperature shutdown kits and over speed shutdown kits. Requirements for a shutdown kit depend on the capacity and use of your generator.

Our generator sales department can answer any questions you might have about what the best equipment for your needs might be. We have diesel and electric generators for sale. In general, diesel standby generators are not used for homes. In fact, when they are used for hospitals, when reliable cost effective power is essential, they are usually not kept near buildings. That is because of their size and power- they tend to be noisy.



Electric Standby Generators

Simply put, a watt basically measures how much energy an appliance needs to run. Since different appliances and equipment will consume different wattage, it can be hard to know how many watts you’ll need in a power outage. Most people have the wrong idea about standby electric generators. They think that having one of the smaller units is all it will take to ensure that their whole house will have power in a blackout. That is not the case. The smaller air-cooled generators may provide enough electricity for a small home, but a larger home or building will need one of the larger standby electric generators to provide enough power.

If you want to take a calculated guess at the amount of wattage you might need, there are home wattage calculators that can give you an estimate, as long as you keep in mind that not all appliances are created equal. Still, it will give you an idea of how much power it will take you to keep the more important things running. A coffee maker uses about 800 watts, while a blender uses about 300. Using the toaster alone uses almost the same as those two appliances combined, with an average wattage of about 1250. As you can see, it doesn’t take long before wattage usage can add up. Luckily, there are different sizes and makes of electric generators for sale. We’ll help you establish what size best suits your home or business needs.

Automatic Standby Generators

Did you know that 70% of all power outages are due to weather? Imagine being left without lights, heat or air conditioning. You’d have to sit back and watch your food in the refrigerator spoil. Automatic standby generators that are wired to your home or business will insure that you’ll never have to worry about losing the creature comforts we’ve all learned to depend upon.

Within a minute and perhaps sooner, automatic standby generators will start up the power. How do they do that? They monitor incoming utility power at all times. The control systems sense when power has been interrupted and closes off the utility line and starts a separate power line from a generator.

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